The gift of the emotional person


Being emotional is a gift. The person with passion; wavy and driving, enthusiastic and inspired. Passionate and vulnerable. Temperamental, stomping and roaring. Fiery, warm and swirling. Emotion is a primordial drive, it is love; embracing, comforting, protective and tender. But also anger; toxic and viciously fierce. Scorching. Screaming, blinded by the anger. And sometimes there is the softness, the receptivity; so much grace, style, beauty and desire. Ideals, dreams and fantasy. Seduction and play. Subtlety, depth, poetry, taste, music .. Everything that colors our lives, the sauce, the sweet and the sour.


Being emotional is a challenge. Your emotions are sometimes overwhelming, the highs and lows, a mix of feelings that can be confusing. One day you are in the best mood, and the other day you seem to be deeply sad. You may feel that you are unstable, fickle, unreliable and strange. It can degenerate into intense sadness, depression, unacceptable behavior, into extreme manifestations that we know as borderline symptoms or ADHD. Your emotional energy can feel so powerful that it takes over completely. You can no longer think clearly in your deepest lows and on your highest peaks you act like a child… so bad that you keep hurting others and yourself.

As an emotional being you are a source of passion, warmth and love. When you are truly connected to yourself, and you start to recognize and accept your own emotional waves, your beautiful energy, your vulnerable power. It helps when you practice. Listen to music and hear the voice of your heart. By connecting to the body, experiencing what it is you need, what lies beneath that passionate or sad self. Be compassionate for yourself. And what are you grateful for?
Sincere gratitude is like a magnet for abundance.

You cannot change your emotional waves, but you can observe them and just let it be. No not-self analyzing, explaining will ever be helpful; it will only make you feel worse. Everything you feel is like a compass, your sense of direction. It just needs time, lots of time and patience. But the more you truly surrender, the easier it gets. Time & experience. Until the waves have passed and you are back in calmer water. In a turbulent sea you can throw a rock without the effect, while in stagnant water the smallest stone already causes wrinkles. That's how it works in us too. And even in stagnant water you can feel the love ... the passion ... and all the beauty that the emotional person has to offer. And then it becomes a gift.

Greta Thunberg, the climate activist is an example of an emotional person. She evokes a lot of resistance, regardless of whether or not you agree with her, the way she communicates, the confronting, can be very annoying for non-emotional people. For people who are naturally non-emotional, who do not suffer from waves, prefer to avoid confrontation and who do have clarity in the moment, the emotional people are very unpredictable. And non-emotional people develop sensitive feelers to recognize the different emotions. The moment the emotional person starts to throw with fire, the non-emotional person will try to avoid them, because all those emotions just get amplified three times! Non-emotional kids have often developed mechanisms at a young age to prevent or circumvent this. They have the potential to gain wisdom in the mechanism of the solar plexus. To feel and read the emotional person, to be empathetic. As long as they don't confuse their emotions with their own emotions. Without consciousness it is easy to adopt other people's emotions. Think of the non-emotional child and the emotional father or mother. If the emotional parent is unconscious, it can quickly become far too overwhelming for the non-emotional child, causing them to close or develop other survival mechanisms.  What would it be great if emotional awareness received the attention it deserves? If there was such a thing as "Master of Emotions" at school. Emotional intelligence as part of the education. Everyone understands what that would mean for the world.Inner peace is outer peace.