Unique or special

Many children are differentiated with 'special' labels; there are so many diagnoses that "normal" children are becoming increasingly special. And nowadays, the special 'special' children are called superheroes (in order to make them feel good about themselves), told that they are the gifted children with special talents, but I think that approach is doing more harm than good. It is nice that there is more attention for children who got stuck in the system, but let's be careful not to focus too much on the 'special'. Instead of being 'special', we might better talk about being unique, about authenticity.

Being unique is not the same as being special
Really, there is nobody in this world exactly like you. Nobody with the same genes, but also nobody with your thoughts. Does that make you special? Yes and no. Being special is suddenly very common when everyone is unique. Then we are all special. But then you no longer call it special because with 'special' we are always comparing. We often call someone who can do something very well special. We call someone who expresses himself "differently" or who is very outspoken. But someone who shows modesty does not stand out and is rarely called ‘special’ while modesty in this society of wannabees is actually very special...

I think we should focus on being unique. That is the way of nature. No two living beings are alike, even apparently identical twins are different from each other. Every person is therefore different, everything is constantly moving, there is actually no constant. Life, just like the universe, moves in cycles, in patterns. The stars and planets are moving. There is a moon that moves the water on Earth.
Who are we, with our limited capacity to think that we need to improve something about nature, about our nature?
Life, the biggest mystery, is so perfectly put together, everything is precisely aligned. Everything has a function down to the smallest particles and it goes exactly as it is intended, we don't have to do anything about it. In fact, we are not even able to match that perfection. The growth, the flowering; colors and scents, shape and function. Everything complements each other. One is no better (more special) than the other. And with people it is essentially the same. We all come up with a unique design. The only difference is that, in addition to a perfectly functioning vehicle (body), humans have a "mind", a personality and consciousness that feeds on thoughts and takes control of us. This starts in the earliest youth. About who we should be, what we should do to solve our "problems." What is "normal" according to the world. Beliefs. Judge. Fear. Family patterns. This determines our choices. We have been told that we should think about it, that we control life, but the not self mind covers our true nature, and in the long run this makes us frustrated.
And then we call it a mid-or whatever life crisis.
An ode to the ordinary.
The moment you discover your own perfection, you can start practicing the art of living ... and the great thing is that if you understand yourself, you also get more understanding for the other. That alone makes life a lot easier! And that life does not have to be immersive and special. There is so much satisfaction in the ordinary, the everyday, but most people don't see it. Because they are afraid of being "ordinary". Being busy proving themselves, meeting an ideal image, being afraid of their shadow sides, living according to other people's expectations just to be recognized. Your personal development is not about right and wrong, it's not about becoming an "ideal and spiritual person." It's NOT about changing or improving yourself, it's just about consciousness. So that you no longer have to be something that you are not. How liberating is it for a person to be allowed to know and accept himself in all facets? What can that do for the world? How nice would it be for children to receive education at school in such a way that they can really get to know themselves so that they can make choices for the rest of their lives from there?
Being unique is just as special as it is ordinary.
Barbara Le Noble